Everyone talks about big temples, but some temples are on the verge of extinction today, their importance and uniqueness are much more important than any other temple. There is also a Valmiki temple in Kotsada village of Pauri. Estimate the probable date of the Gray Stone Temple, based on comparisons with similar monuments in the region and elsewhere, as concrete documentation has not yet been found. Describe this small but important monument, present its measured drawings, and tell about Valmiki Temple Kotsada Pauri Garhwal. Gardwal's poet and writer Bhajan Singh has described the Valmiki temple in his book but no detailed description or picture has been published yet. According to the book of Dr. Katoch in this paper, a large number of Nagara-style temples have been found in this area, which are of 12th and 13th century, among which the Deval Pida style built by Ruchak is prominent, which is similar to the Vishnu temple group Deval and this To Valmiki temple. Can be seen in. Studying it reveals that this temple is interesting, there is one, and the Ruchak temple is used for the same deity. Presently there is no idol in the temple because at that time the local people were careless and made a mistake in destroying this temple, which caused great damage to the importance of the temple. Looking at the temple it is clear that the condition of the temple is very bad and due to the archeology department not knowing about it or not knowing about this temple, this temple is now in a very dilapidated condition. Due to lack of archaeological importance, this temple is getting destroyed with time and it has become very important to work on it to save it from extinction so that the coming generations can know the importance of their culture and society.



Keywords: Kotsada, Pauri, Grey Stone, Nagara Style, RuchakTemple, Folklore, Deval Pieta Style.


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