Human rights are fundamentally related to the element of ‘Individualism’. Human Rights are indivisibly sought for the rights of the birth to growth and choice of life to live the life with freedom of action and expression for human with Independency and Liberation of existence. Human rights are inherent by each individual, as the part of the life whether the male-female, child-adult or third gender. It means rights of law, economics, social and cultural, skills development, earning, social security, get education, career building up, besides some other collective rights such as the rights such as the rights of the development and self-determination are interdependent and interrelated to the human rights at both the part of male-female, child and transgender . But human rights are partially dragged to the side of male child especially in the patriarchal society or where the women are considered as the next of males whereas no chance of receiving justice for Transgender. Besides the importance of the Male-Female balanced physic and ignorance of the third gender which is considered as the ignorant. Human rights have primary definition as----“ All human beings are born to be free and equal in dignity and rights”, but when the human society itself discriminates the human rights as per the gender, sex, race, colour, culture, tradition, religion, region, custom, belief--- the issue of the human rights are arisen for women , especially for girl child and the third Gender. Our social structure, family structure, and management, working fields, educational streams, areas, household responsibilities, duties, rights, roles in the family society etc. terminates the fundamental structures of human rights regarding women, the girl child and the third world of Trans gender. Realization of the human rights towards women, girl child and Transgender can free the horizons of better human generation, human growth and value inculcation. The Human society can be more balanced and free from local to Nationalized and Internationalized crimes. The more education, literacy, justice, awareness, reforms and the hygiene can be applicable in the society and the better place our society can be for human to live and enhance. The Aim of the presented research paper is to find the lack of development and progress for the women, girl child and the transgender to live with dignity and the total rights.



Keywords: Human Rights, Resound, Social Injustice, Gender Bias, Horizones, Human Race.


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