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Volume 04 No. 04 October, 2014

Title: Content

Page I-IV


Title: India?S Business Landscape

Authors: M. Saeed and others

Page 0-12

Title: Environmental Issues Impacting Higher Education Scenarios

Authors: Dr. T.K. Jain, Shekhar Kapoor

Page 13-19

Title: Liaison Of Business Ethics With Its Profit

Authors: Dr. Mahesh Singh Rajput

Page 20-26

Title: Balanced Scorecard: A Comparative Study Of Indian And Foreign Bank

Authors: Suriti Goel, Dr. R.K. Gupta

Page 27-37

Title: Business Communication Strategy

Authors: Mahesh Kumar

Page 38-41

Title: Mapping Perceptions Of Natural Gas Vehicle [Ngv] Driver?S Behaviour On Safety Training

Authors: Shri Mohammad Iqbal Zaffar Ansari, Prof. (Dr.) Parimal H. Vyas, Dr. Madhusudan N. Pandya

Page 42-58

Title: Foreign Direct Investment In Retail: Issues And Challenges

Authors: Dr. Bimal Jaiswal, Ms. Preksha Singh

Page 59-69

Title: Economic Reforms In India

Authors: Dr. Manish Shrivastava

Page 70-78

Title: Diversity: A Transition From Discrimination In India

Authors: Dr. R.K. Tailor, Ms. Peeyu Agarwal

Page 79-82

Title: Investment For Retirement

Authors: Dr. Seema Baldua

Page 83-85

Title: Management Of Financial Resources

Authors: Manisha Gupta, Prof. S.K. Mangal

Page 86-91

Title: Microfinance- A Mechanism To Alleviate Poverty

Authors: Palak Mehta

Page 92-95

Title: Can Self-Help Groups (Shgs) Eradicate The Rural Poverty??

Authors: Dr. Mukundrao Mane, Mr. Abhijeet M. Mane

Page 96-100

Title: The Role Of Media In Promoting Peace

Authors: Ms. Neha Jain

Page 101-107

Title: Importance Of Supply Chain In Managing A Modern Business By Entrepreneurs

Authors: Prof. Dashrath B. Bhoite

Page 108-114

Title: Contribution Of Rbi In Economic Development Of India

Authors: Dr. Manish Shrivastava

Page 115-120

Title: Competitive Pressure And Customer Satisfaction: Boon Or Bane

Authors: Dr. Ravindra Kumar Katewa

Page 121-124

Title: An Empirical Study Of Consumer Perception Towards Online Travel Agency

Authors: Dr. Sanjay Bhayani, Ravi D Bavaria

Page 125-134

Title: Responsibility Accounting : A Conceptual Framework

Authors: Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Kumar P.Patel

Page 135-137

Title: A Comparative Study Of Life Insurance Corporation And Private Sector Life Insurance Companies During Post Millenium Peroid In India

Authors: Dr. Anoop Kumar Singh, Ms. Sumbul Fatima

Page 138-146

Title: Environmental Impact Of The Tourism Industry And Accountability

Authors: Ms. Vishranthi Salgaonkar

Page 147-151

Title: Mutual Fund Bad Or Good?

Authors: Prof. K.G. Chapatwala

Page 152-155

Title: Turnover Analysis : Capital Employed Turnover Ratio

Authors: Dr. Krishna Gupta

Page 156-163

Title: Systematic Investment Plan

Authors: Dr. Anju Kansal

Page 164-167

Title: Environmental Attitude Among The Students Of Senior Secondary School Of Bhopal City

Authors: Tajwar Firoz, Dr. (Mrs.) Smitha Pillai

Page 168-172

Title: A Comparative Study On Islamic Finanace And Conventional Finance In India- An Analysis Of Performance Of Shariah50 And Bse30

Authors: Mr. Mahfuz Alom Mazumder, Dr. Nikhil Bhusan Dey

Page 173-181

Title: Reporting For Inventory Management

Authors: Dr. Anju Gupta

Page 182-184

Title: The Concept Of Value Added

Authors: Dr. Ashok Agrawal

Page 185-188

Title: Purchase And Supply Management

Authors: Dr. Kiran Bala

Page 189-192

Title: Globalisation And Strategies Of Small And Medium Enterprises In The Globalised

Authors: Dr. Ranjeeta Phukan

Page 193-199

Title: The Impact Of Climate Change On Business ?Evidences From The Indian Corporate Sector

Authors: Prof. Sujit Dutta, Dr. Sujit Kumar Roy

Page 200-212

Title: Cash Flow Ratios : An Overview

Authors: Rajesh Devanda

Page 213-217

Title: A Comparative Study On Dimensions Of Role Efficacy Among Top, Middle And Lower Management Of Universities In Rajasthan

Authors: Dr. Ajay Kumar Chaudhary, Ms. Namrata Jain

Page 218-225

Title: Cost Management And Cost Reduction

Authors: Dr. Rekha Rani

Page 226-229

Title: Formulation & Implementation Of Credit & Collection Policy

Authors: Pratibha Soni

Page 230-233

Title: Management Colleges : Building The Future Of Business Management In Rajasthan

Authors: Dr. Alka Jain

Page 234-239

Title: Accounting Practices: A Study On Wholesalers And Retailers

Authors: Dr. B.P. Bhuva, Imran khan Pathan

Page 240-249

Title: An Easy Approach To Corporate Laws?

Authors: CS (Dr.) Devendra Jarwal, Dr. O.P. Gusai

Page 250-253