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Volume 04 No. 03 July 2014

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Page I-IV


Title: Branch Banking In Public Sector Bank

Authors: Dr. Daksha Pratapsinh Chauhan

Page 1-5

Title: Significant Differences Between Ias Us Gaap And Indian Gaap

Authors: Prof. V. Appa Rao

Page 6-11

Title: A Study Of The Impact Of Advertising Of Cosmetic Products On The Buying Behavior Of Females

Authors: Dr. Mahesh C. Dabre

Page 12-17

Title: Revenue Neutral And Enhancing Alternative Proposal For Unethical Taxation Of Salaried Income

Authors: Dr. A. Jayakumar, Phd. R. Elavarasan

Page 18-27

Title: Social Protection Policies For India?S Working Force In Unorganized Sector

Authors: Dr. Praveen Sharma

Page 28-52

Title: Corporate Reporting Practices: An Analysis Of Directors? Report Of Select Indian Companies

Authors: Shobhan Sen, N. B. Dey

Page 53-62

Title: Online Shopping : The New Era Of Business

Authors: Dr. Rajeev Srivastava, Ravi Kant Modi

Page 63-66

Title: Comparison Of Financial Statements As Per Ifrs And Indian Gaap

Authors: Dr. Sangeeta Gupta

Page 67-73

Title: Re-Integrating India With The World Economy

Authors: Neha Goswami

Page 74-78

Title: An Analysis Of Internal Marketing In Service Sector

Authors: Dr. Alka Jain

Page 79-83

Title: A Conceptual Study On Sustainibility Of Rural Entrepreneurship In Odisha

Authors: Dr Nishi Kanta Mishra

Page 84-90

Title: Challenges Of The Survival Of Commercial Banks In India

Authors: Dr. Anupam K. Jain, Vinita Jain

Page 91-94

Title: Moonlighting : An Emerging Trend

Authors: Vaishali Agrawal, Palak Mehta

Page 95-98

Title: A Critical Review Of Ambush Marketing

Authors: Puneet Chawla, Rakesh Chawla

Page 99-105

Title: Lifestyle Marketing - A Strategic Approach For The Marketer

Authors: Vikas, Rajesh Gahlawat

Page 106-112

Title: Social Ethical Issues On Green Marketing Initiative : Aglobal Outlook

Authors: Dr. Sarika Sharma

Page 113-128

Title: 360 Degree Performance Appraisal : An Overview

Authors: Dr. Seema Baldua, Minaxi Khatri

Page 129-133

Title: Emerging Issues Of 21St Century In Human Resource Management

Authors: Madhu Monga

Page 134-138

Title: Financial Literacy- An Essence Of Financial Inclusion

Authors: Rekha Gupta, Dr. L.R. Paliwal

Page 139-144

Title: Impact Of Mergers And Acquisitions In Indian Banking Sector

Authors: Richa Agrawal, Prof. B.P. Gupta

Page 145-153

Title: Emerging Trends In Entrepreneurship

Authors: Archana Khangwal

Page 154-158

Title: A Case Study On Considering Brand Value In Stock Market ? An Indian Experience

Authors: Debendra Shaw

Page 159-162

Title: Performance Of Commercial Banks In Enhancing Financial Inclusion: A Case Study Of State Bank Of India Bank Of Baroda And Union Bank Of India

Authors: Siddharth Mishra

Page 163-175

Title: Service Engineering & Management : An Integrated Service Innovation Road Map

Authors: Ajay N. Palkar

Page 176-183

Title: A Study On Gender Discrimination Among Working Women

Authors: Sushma Nichani

Page 184-186

Title: Teaching Accounting In 21St Century: A Lesson From American Accounting Teaching And Learning Standards

Authors: Dr. Bhupesh Lohar, Priya Soni

Page 187-193

Title: Growth And Challenges Of Retail Industry In India : An Analysis

Authors: Dr. Mahesh Singh Rajput

Page 194-200

Title: Regulatory Impact Of Financial Innovations And Interaction Between Financial Regulations And Innovations

Authors: Sidaq

Page 201-206

Title: Need Of Value Based Education To Develop Champions Of Character

Authors: Shete Shivprasad Madhukar

Page 207-213

Title: Factors Influencing Investors? Satisfaction Towards Mutual Funds

Authors: M.N. Dave, Prof. Hitesh. J. Shukla

Page 214-217

Title: Accounting Profit V/S Economic Profit

Authors: Dr. Krishna Gupta, Dr. Ashok Agarwal

Page 218-223

Title: Emerging Patterns Of Innovation In Aviation Business : Challenges And Strategies

Authors: Sanjay Pai, Dr. Subhash Desai

Page 0-227

Title: Cyber Crime In Banking Sector

Authors: Dr. Manish Shrivastava

Page 228-231

Title: Financial Mechanism: An Overview

Authors: Dr. Rekha Rani

Page 232-236

Title: Financial Structure Under Risk

Authors: Dr. A.K. Bansal

Page 237-240

Title: Theoretical Framework Of Financial Analysis

Authors: K.C. Sharma, Geetesh Saini

Page 241-244

Title: Role Of Activity Based Costing As A Cost Driver

Authors: CMA Dr. Supriya Agarwal

Page 245-248

Title: E-Commerce Opportunities For Industries

Authors: Dr. Anju Kansal

Page 249-252

Title: Reaching Strategic Edge

Authors: Kiran Bala

Page 253-257

Title: Economic Value Added : The Concept

Authors: Rajendra Kumar Sharma

Page 258-261

Title: Onset Of Political Marketing In India

Authors: Supriya Kamna, Harish Kumar, Ms. Pinki

Page 262-269

Title: A Study Of Life Skills In Government And Private Senior Secondary Level School's Students

Authors: Dr. Ram Pal Singh, Kavita Kachhawaha

Page 270-273

Title: Technical Information

Authors: Balveer Sharma

Page 274-282