Ethics Policy

Ethics Policy for Journals of Inspira

  • Journal of Modern Management & Entrepreneurship (JMME)
  • Journal of Commerce, Economics & Computer Science (JCECS)
  • International Journal of Advanced Research in Commerce, Management & Social Science (IJARCMSS)

  • An important role of the Inspira Research Association (IRA) is to support the extensive efforts of the editorial board of the journal and the unsung work undertaken by the peer reviewers in maintaining and enhancing the integrity of the scholarly knowledge.
  • The research articles/research papers published in the journal is a direct reflection of the quality of the work of the authors and the Inspira Research Association (IRA) that support to the editorial board.
  • The editorial board has a supporting, nurturing, and investing role in the scholarly communication process and is also ultimately responsible for ensuring that the best practices are followed in the publication of journal.
  • The editorial board is committed to ensuring that any type of advertisement or any other commercial revenue has no influence or impact on the decisions in publishing the journal.