Title: BOOK 9 COVER PAGE Emerging Trends and Innovations in Modern Management

Page i-ii

Title: Inner page & Contents


Title: Artificial Intelligence: AWay Forward for NPA Management in Indian Banking Sector (Special Reference to Global Trends)

Authors: Dr. Pratapsinh Chauhan, Mr. Shaleen Srivastava

Page 1-12

Title: India 2020 -Human Resource Challenges: HR Best Global Practices

Authors: Prof. Dr. Firdos T.Shroff

Page 13-23

Title: Status of Kisan Credit Card and Agriculture Credit in India

Authors: Dr. Santosh Garhwal, Dr. Pratibha Jain

Page 24-30

Title: Crash to Banking Sectors Vis-à-Vis NPA

Authors: Dr. Sangeeta Gupta, Dilip Gupta

Page 31-42

Title: Impact of Cashless Society for the Economic Growth in India

Authors: Dr. Rajiv Kumar Agarwal

Page 43-48

Title: Assessment of Service Quality: An Empirical Study in SBI and ICICI Bank with Special Reference to Rajasthan

Authors: Dr. Ranu Sharma

Page 49-60

Title: Data Security in the Digital Era: Issues and Challenges

Authors: Dr. Jayanti Goyal, Anjali Vijayvargiya

Page 61-66

Title: A Study on Customers’ Expectation: Perception Score on Service Quality in ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company

Authors: Mamta Bhushan, Dr. Naresh Kumar

Page 67-82

Title: StartupIndia, Standup India: A Review

Authors: Ashish Dikshit

Page 83-90

Title: Women’s Role in Business World

Authors: Dr. Harshna Agarwal

Page 91-96

Title: A Critical Study of Perception towards Digital Banking Services, Nagpur City

Authors: Dr. Sunita Dhote

Page 97-101

Title: An Analysis of the Impact of Trade Liberalization on Per Capita Net Availability of Food Grains

Authors: Dr. Hemadri Sharma

Page 102-110

Title: Investment Behaviour of Investors towards Mutual Funds

Authors: Anjali Acharya, Apeksha Chanpaneri

Page 111-117

Title: Are Central Banks Creating the Next Crisis?

Authors: Heeral Bhargava

Page 118-128

Title: An Evaluation of Service Quality of Health Insurance Companies in Surat City: A Study Based on SERVQUAL Gap Model

Authors: Ms. Nikita M. Kahar, Dr. Mehul P. Desai

Page 129-136

Title: An Analysis of Tax Structure in India

Authors: Jitendra Kumar

Page 137-141

Title: Organizational Citizenship Behavior in India: A Study

Authors: Ms. Arpita Mehta

Page 142-152

Title: Impact of Globalization on Higher Education in India

Authors: Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma

Page 153-156

Title: Analysis of Corporate Governance and Disclosure Practices in India

Authors: Dr. Sapna Gupta

Page 157-162

Title: Impact of Television Advertising on the Buying Behavior of Consumer’s at Ajmer City, Rajasthan With Special Reference to Human Health Care Products

Authors: Deepchand Kumawat, Mukesh Kumar Jakhar

Page 163-171

Title: Corporate Restructuring in India: A Case Study of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited

Authors: Dr. Hanuman Sahai Kumawat, Dr. Ram Prasad Bagari

Page 172-178

Title: Review of Demonetization in India

Authors: Dr. Chitra Rathore

Page 179-182

Title: Financial Inclusion in Global Perspective

Authors: Dr. Shailja Singh

Page 183-190

Title: The Impact of E-commerce in Business and Marketing Scenario

Authors: Dr. Rajesh Kumar Pandey

Page 191-195

Title: Advantages of Interpersonal Relationship

Authors: Dr. Vinod Kumar Bairwa

Page 196-200

Title: Digital Currency: An Overview onElectronic Payment System

Authors: Dr. Tarun Khandelwal

Page 201-206

Title: A Study on Performance Measurement of Ahmedabad SEZ Units with Reference to Balanced Scorecard Method

Authors: Mr. Kinchit P. Shah, Dr. Ankur D. Amin

Page 207-216

Title: Cyber Security Concerns in E-commerce

Authors: Dr. Budesh Kanwar

Page 217-220

Title: The Digital Revolution in India and the World

Authors: Dini Esawaty Siregar

Page 221-234

Title: Globalization and Higher Education in India: An Overview

Authors: Dr. Ratna Rao

Page 235-242

Title: A Study on Non Performing Assets of Indians Banks: Trend and Recovery

Authors: Dr. Ritu Jain

Page 243-245

Title: An Introspection of Start-up India, Stand-up India: Developments and Challenges

Authors: Nikhar Goyal, Anamika Jaiswal

Page 246-250

Title: E-Governance:The Concept and Challenges

Authors: Dr. Om Prakash Sharma

Page 251-254

Title: The Expansion & Execution of GST: A Critical Study under Indian Constitution

Authors: Vineeta Hada

Page 255-264

Title: BPO Industry in INDIA and its Impact on Indian Economy: An Overview

Authors: Dr. Bharti Shukla

Page 265-270

Title: Social and Economic Implication of Digitalization: A Case of Biometric Public Distribution in Rajasthan

Authors: Dr. Manish Tiwari, Dr. Vinod Kumar Kewalramani

Page 271-288

Title: Cashless India: (Leveraging Possibilities and Cyber Security Challenges)

Authors: Dr. Satish C. Sharma, Ravi Gupta

Page 289-299

Title: Repercussion of GST on Entrepreneurs and Small Venders

Authors: Dr. Manish Dadhich, Dr. Shalendra Singh Rao, Dr. Rajesh Meena

Page 300-306

Title: Global Economic Integration: The Opportunities and Challenges

Authors: Dr. Laxman Ram Paliwal

Page 307-318

Title: Brand Management: An Emerging Carrier

Authors: Dr. Ankur Bhushan

Page 319-324

Title: Agriculture and Cashless Economy: Challenges and Issues in Implementation

Authors: Ms. Pooja Pareek, Dr. R K Sharma

Page 325-329

Title: E-Banking Practices in Commercial Banks: An Empirical Study

Authors: Dr. Kamal Kanwar Rathore

Page 330-334

Title: An Empirical Study of National Pension Scheme withrespectto Tire 1 (Corporate Bonds, Equities and Government Securities)

Authors: Dr. Alpa A. Thaker, Dr. Mahendra H. Maisuria, Dr. Prashant T Jariwala

Page 335-340

Title: Cashless Innovation in Banking Sector

Authors: Dr. Monika Jain, Swati Dusad

Page 341-343

Title: Impact of Global Financial Crisis and Economic Crisis on Women and Gender Equality

Authors: Dr. Piali Biswas

Page 344-348

Title: Role of Human Resource Management in Globalization

Authors: Prof. (Dr.) Rajeshkumar P Patel, Prof. Mitisha K Shah

Page 349-353

Title: Corporate Governance: Transparency, Stakeholders and Red Flags

Authors: Mr. Gopal Ramasubramanian

Page 354-358

Title: Indian Cashless Economy- ANew Path towards Modern India: Issues and Challenges

Authors: Dr. Himanshu Agarwal

Page 359-365

Title: Impact of Environmental Factors on Women Leadership

Authors: Madhurima Basu

Page 366-376

Title: Types, Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Payment Systems in India

Authors: C.B. Pavithra, Dr. A.C. Ranganayaki

Page 377-386

Title: Green Marketing and Consumerism

Authors: Dr. Kirti Khatri

Page 387-390

Title: Marketing of Bittergourd in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra

Authors: Monika Dhaka

Page 391-394

Title: A Study of Interrelationship between Inflation and Unemployment: A Phillips Curve Approach

Authors: Shobhit Sagar

Page 395-401

Title: Digital Marketing Strategy for Political Party

Authors: Vijaya Jain

Page 402-408

Title: E-Banking Frauds and RBI Guideline

Authors: Sarala. M S, Dr. Kundan Basavaraj

Page 409-416

Title: Women Entrepreneurship in India

Authors: Vinita Soni

Page 417-420

Title: Digital Payments: A Step towards Cashless Economy

Authors: Anoop Kumawat

Page 421-426

Title: Cashless Economy: A Wind of Change in India

Authors: Dr. Amit S. Nanwani

Page 427-432

Title: Analysis of Corporate Finance of Selected Petroleum Companies

Authors: Rohitash Kumar Verma

Page 433-436

Title: Impact of Demonetization on Automobile Sector: Special Reference to Commercial Vehicle Industry

Authors: Harsahai Meena

Page 437-444