Title: BOOK 10 COVER PAGE Global Economy Opportunities & Challenges

Page i-ii


Page i-iv

Title: Opportunities in Knowledge Process Outsourcing & Its Inclinations to be Expected

Authors: Prof. Ajay D Patel

Page 1-5

Title: Impact of Digital Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behavior

Authors: Ms. Shruti Sharma & Dr. R.K. Tailor

Page 06-10

Title: Digital Economy in India: Prospects and Challenges

Authors: Dr. P.C. Narware

Page 11-16

Title: Social Audit of NSS Activity

Authors: Dr. Preeti Sharma & Dr. Hemant Singh Panwar

Page 17-20

Title: An Empirical Study on Green CSR: A Strategic Initiative in Today’s ERA

Authors: Dr. Mahesh Singh Rajput

Page 21-29

Title: Impact of Demonetization on Indian Economy

Authors: Dr. Prabhu Dayal Choudhary

Page 30-34

Title: Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development

Authors: Dr. Payal Goyal

Page 35-40

Title: Management Skills: A Door to Developed Economy

Authors: Dr. Alka Jain

Page 41-49

Title: Corporate Restructuring in India with Special Reference to Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)

Authors: R. Rammohan Reddy

Page 50-60

Title: Role of Local Government in Management of Biomedical Waste

Authors: Dr. Divya Agrawal

Page 61-66

Title: Challenges to Write an Excellent Research

Authors: Dr. Vinod Kumar Bairwa

Page 67-74

Title: Microclimatic Factors Affecting the Growth of House Dust Mites in Home and its Relation with Homemakers Health

Authors: Dr. Kirti Khatri & Dr. Neeta Lodha

Page 75-92

Title: Financial Accountability of Banks in India

Authors: Dr. Moran Singh

Page 93-97

Title: Enhancing Employee’s Satisfaction and Commitment by Providing Right Career Development Interventions

Authors: Amita Chourasiya

Page 98-102

Title: A Study of Domestic Accounting System in Cashless Environment

Authors: Dr. Ritu Soni

Page 103-110

Title: Social Media: Revolution in Marketing

Authors: Dr. Anupama Parashar

Page 111-118

Title: Research Methodology

Authors: Jagjeevan Ram Bairwa

Page 119-124

Title: Impact of Technological Stress among Bank Employees

Authors: Shweta Jain

Page 125-132

Title: Make in India Programme: An Analysis in Various Sectors

Authors: Dr. Ram Singh & Dr. A.K. Srivastava

Page 133-142

Title: Role of Micro Finance in Women’s Empowerment Economically (An Empirical Study in Udaipur Cluster)

Authors: Anjoo Chauhan

Page 143-151

Title: Digitalization - Preventing Frauds

Authors: Mrs. Manawati Kumari & Dr. Neeta Maheshwari

Page 152-158

Title: Contribution of Online Food Delivery System on the Growth of Restaurant Industry in India

Authors: Anamika Jaiswal

Page 159-164

Title: Impact of IFRS on Long Term Source of Finance

Authors: Mukesh Kumar Kumawat

Page 165-169

Title: IFRS Implementation in India: Implications, Challenges and Suggestions

Authors: Nikhar Goyal

Page 170-176

Title: The CAMEL Model Analysis of Pre Merger and Post Merger Profitability of State Bank of India Ltd. and its Associates

Authors: Dr. Shaifali Mathur & Aditi Sharma

Page 177-188

Title: Green Marketing: A Consumer Friendly Concept

Authors: Dr. Sulaxmi Toshniwal

Page 189-193

Title: Cashless Economy in India: Present Scenario, Potential and Challenges

Authors: Sukina Purohit

Page 194-202

Title: Emerging Trends and Future Prospects of Business Process Outsourcing in India

Authors: Priti Baheti

Page 203-209

Title: Role of Financial Institutions in India

Authors: Prof. (Dr.) Rajeshkumar P. Patel

Page 210-216

Title: Digital India Program: Challenges and Opportunities

Authors: Jyoti Kumari

Page 217-224

Title: A Study on Impact of Technological Shopping on Traditional Shopping

Authors: Surbhi Birla

Page 225-236